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Change order form


If you need to change the style, delivery address or delivery date and time, please submit this form at least 72 hours before the delivery, changes made by phone/whatsapp will NOT be accepted .

  Changes to the order within 72 hours of delivery will depend on the situation, our store reserve the right NOT to accept with no refund. If our shop can arrange to change of order, the customer needs to add a minimum surcharge of $150 .

- Changes to the order 72 hours before delivery, each order can be changed for free once , and a minimum surcharge of $150 will be charged for each subsequent change .

After submitting the form, it does not mean that the order is changed successfully, please contact our customer via whatsapp to confirm .

* No change to the content of the card
* During Valentine's Day/Mother's Day, a minimum service fee of $250 will be charged for each change of order
* All changes can be extended for up to three months



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